Orderly captures and processes orders for over a million items a day from thousands of Starbucks partners in over 30 different countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

  • "Orderly have created a cutting edge enterprise customer platform for Starbucks and we continue to work in an agile fashion to collaborate on new requests and developments. Leveraging a driven relationship that is mutually beneficial both commercially and operationally within Starbucks. The ability of the Orderly team to integrate with our corporate backbone using SOA and SAAS architecture, ensures we can deliver the growth and stability we need to meet the requirements of our business partners"
    Marcellus van den Berg – Starbucks

The Problem

Timescales. Starbucks needed a method of capturing orders from store managers and challenged EWS Digital to implement it fast. Previous processes were manual, costly and error prone.

The Solution

A stock management app powered by EWS Digital’s Orderly service. We implemented our Orderly solution from concept to pilot phase in under three months.