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 eCommerce Innovation for Large Brands

We build enterprise-grade eCommerce solutions that generate value for some of the largest brands in the UK. We’re experts at integration and ensure that your back-office processes are just as smooth as the customer journey. Our process is one of continuous enhancement, taking into account customer feedback and changes to the market to ensure your solution is innovative and market leading.

Secure Technology Stack

Hosting and platform lease of our wholly-owned, cloud-based, secure technology stack, supporting hundreds of thousands of orders per day for large enterprises across the world.

Customer Support

Completing the user journey, our team of expandable support resource can work around the clock to service your customers – responding promptly to queries and escalating to your team only where necessary.


The worst thing you can do is build a solution and forget about it – your competitors will overtake and your technology will be outdated. We provide ongoing development time with all our solutions to ensure your systems provide the highest ROI possible.

Marketing ROI Management

We can source, select, instruct and manage partner digital marketing agencies to work as part of the Agility process – protecting you, your data and ensuring your agency is delivering results.

For All Large Enterprises

  • Existing Offline Brands

    The Agility process provides all you need for a successful B2C launch. From initial strategy consultancy to ongoing support.

  • Manufacturers

    We build brands from the ground up. Working with the best partners for your sector – we tie brand creation into our methodology utilising ongoing consumer research, design and continuous enhancement.

  • B2B Companies

    The Agility process looks to increase online sales for an organisation – and this is not just limited to B2C. Using our revolutionary methodology in a B2B market provides a structured way to improve brand perception and maximise the value from new and existing accounts.

  • Existing Online Brands

    The Agility methodology is perfect for existing online brands to get the most out of their digital channels. Our culture of collaboration and focus on return on investment allows you to access the best knowledge in the industry, using the best tools to create a consistent, truly industry-leading online presence.

  • "The EWS Digital platform and team are the driving forces behind our direct to consumer sales operation. They take the headache out of digital commerce, and assist us in our aim to provide a consistent and beautiful branded web presence, delighting our customers."
    Sara Wolfe – McCormick

Our Agility process enabled Morrisons to launch the UK’s largest florist in under 6 months – from initial idea to ongoing growth.


Agility helped McCormick Schwartz launch their digital CPG B2C eCommerce channel.